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Help a friend avoid all the stress and uncertainty
of hiring a contractor

Up to $500 for you

Paid in Giftcards when your friends complete a project with eRenovate

Up to $250 for your friend

Paid in Giftcards when your friends complete a project with eRenovate

Just enter your name and email and we'll create your unique referral link…

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eRenovate helps nearly all homeowners!

We’ve helped many homeowners in your area, and those starting to search for a contractor. In particular, we are most helpful in the following situations...

Energy efficient upgrades

From installing a new A/C or Furnace, New Windows and Insulation too.

Major Renovations

Investing in a major reno, they want Peace of Mind, trust and Confidence.

Fed up with uncertainty

With so many reno horror stories, they are now afraid to renovate.

Frequently asked questions

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many people as you'd like!

What happens after I refer a friend?

1. When your friend clicks your unique code, they’ll be taken to the eRenovate website,

2. Once they visit eRenovate, our systems knows it is your referral, and this applies for each future visit they make,

3. Once your friend submits their project using our Free Post a Project form, they’ll need to hire an Bonded by eRenovate™ Pro with the Guarantee, and complete the project,

4. The length of time it takes for your friend to complete their project varies; So we’ll let you know it happens, and then we’ll send you the link to redeem your reward to the email you used to create your unique referral link,

5. When your friends hire an eRenovate Pro with the Guarantee and completes the project, we’ll send them a link to redeem their reward, to the email they entered when using our Post a Project tool.

The 'not so small' small print

We’d love for you to share eRenovate with your family and friends and, if you do so, we will reward you both if your friend completes a Project by hiring an eRenovate Pro. When you enter your email address on our referral page at, we will send you and email containing your unique referral link, which you can then share with family and friends. If your friends click your unique link, Post a Project and complete their Project by hiring an eRenovate Pro via eRenovate, we will send you a Giftcard up to $500 to redeem on, Second Cup and others. Plus, your friend who completes their project will also receive a Giftcard, up to $250. Note that the completion of a project can take a few months, so there may be a delay between sending the referral link and receiving the referral rewards. The following terms apply;

  • The referral rewards only apply to new users that have not registered on eRenovate, and live in Canada,
  • The referred friend must Post a Project, Hire a Bonded by eRenovate Pro with the Guarantee, and complete the project on eRenovate,
  • The friend must Post A Project and hire a Pro with the Guarantee within six months of first clicking on your unique referral code,
  • Referral codes may not be sent out as spam, mass distributed nor sold,
  • You cannot refer yourself,
  • We reserve the right to withhold payments of the referral rewards in our sole discretion if we deem there has been a misuse of the referral programme,
  • The full referral Terms and Conditions of the referral program are governed by Canadian law.

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